Friday, 5 April 2019

Benefits of Tamper-Evident Packaging for Your Business

There is a wide range of benefits your business can get with the help of Tamper-Evident Packaging (TEP) packaging. This packaging is one of the major requirements if you are in pharmaceutical industry. This packaging provides safety to the product not only throughout the supply chain but also in the hands of customer. If you intend to go with this kind of packaging, you will have to think about the customer.

What is temper-evident packaging?
Temper-evidence is commonly confused with temper-resistance. With temper-evident packaging, the product gets a cover behind several layers. Any tempering on the visible surface becomes prominent and this prominence is what makes the customer know that the product has been tempered with.

An example of this packaging is that of the pills which are packed in the blister packaging with a foil seal. If the package has been tempered with, the signs of temper become prominent on the seal. Hence, the customer can easily identify the problem.

Types of Tamper-Evident Packaging
The TEP can be of different types. In order to select the right packaging for your product, you are going to have to take into consideration the type of product and regulations for your industry. You will also have to keep consumer in mind while deciding about the package. While you need to protect your package, you have to make sure that your product doesn’t get impenetrable. If you want your product to be sold more, you are going to have to develop easy-to-open packages. Thus, you will need to work with a supplier who could help you in designing consumer-friendly packages.
  • For the products that have lids or caps, you can use temper-evident shrink bands. You can use secure ice-cream lids with the help of these bands.
  • The above mentioned shrink seal can also be used for jarred foods. These packages also come with button top security lids which make a ‘pop’ when the package is opened for the first time. If there is no pop, the product is probably already compromised and, so, you should not use the product.
  • In order to secure boxes, envelopes, pallets, crates and bags, you can consider using temper-evident tape. Some of the tapes have clear wordings on them. These wordings are usually left on the package when the seal is tempered with.
  • There are many types of packages which offer both security and TEP functionality. For instance, you can consider using packages which can be tracked with the help of RFID. Labeling and ink coding identifiable by RFID can help you ensure safety of the product throughout the supply chain.

The reason you need to consider using temper-evident packaging is that your product is your business income. Anything you do to ensure safety of your product is worth the revenue that you will earn without inflicting any damage to your products.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Moving In With The One You Love

Moving in with the love of your life is quite a lot of fun, but you need cheap moving boxes to pack up everything you are bringing into their space. The space that you are creating with the one you love must be organized well, and you need as many moving boxes as you may find when you are moving in with them. The moving process is simpler with better boxes, and this article explains how to move properly with a set of moving boxes you chose specifically for the job.

#1: Order Your Boxes In Advance
Ensure you have ordered your boxes in advance, and begin searching for packing materials that will hold in everything you own. You may have the boxes show up to your home at any time, and you may tape them shut when it is time to use them. You must have a plan for the move that includes what you will keep when you are packing.

#2: What Are You Leaving Behind
You must ensure you have saves some time on moving by leaving certain things behind. The items that you leave behind may be sold or given to a charity. It is quite important that someone who is moving will leave behind things that are not beneficial to them anymore. The things that you bring in to the house you are moving into must have their own place, and the person you are moving in with will appreciate having space for all your stuff.

#3: How Do You Pack Fragile Items?
The fragile items you are packing must be packed in a manner that is simple to remove once the box arrives at your new home. You may use newspaper and bubble wrap to ensure the items will not break, and they must be packed in as tightly as possible. The packing materials that you use must be ordered ahead of time, and you may place them in cheap moving boxes. You will have all the items you need to ensure you have moved well, and you will notice how simple it is to pack up your home.

#4: Asking Your Partner How Much Space They Need

The person you are moving in with will help you pick the proper amount of boxes you need, and you may share the boxes with your partner when they are moving into a new space with you. You will find it much simpler to pack when you have boxes that are easy to use. The simplest of the moving boxes may be folded together at any time, and you will find it easy to pack up your items to move in with the one you love.

Moving in with someone must not be difficult, and you may order your boxes now to ensure you are ready to move. You may move anywhere you like, and you will have enough boxes that will help you keep your personal items stowed properly when you are moving across town.